Our New Plastic Publication – Industrial Blow Molding

Plastic blow mold manufacturing

Hi welcome to our new publication – Industrial Blow Molding industrialblowmolding.com

For our first post, we just wanted to introduce ourselves to our readers to explain what are all about and what we stand for.

Industrial Blow Molding is a new publication website geared around the plastics industry, specifically industrial blow molding of plastic products.

Within a new publication website, we plan to talk about the technical and the commercial aspects of plastic blow molding, along with looking at different plastic products in today’s industry.

We are seeing that the majority of products these days are made from plastics, such as plastic carrier bags, both recyclable being good for the environment or nonrecyclable which is a big focus across the industry, plastic bottles manufacturing, along with other plastic made products.

Over the last few years, the plastics industry has been put under enormous pressure to move to more recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, with significant pressure to reduce plastic manufacturing altogether.

We hope to publish a blog post fairly frequently, but this is a new venture for us so we’ll have to see how often we do publish.

We look forward to seeing you return to read our blogs, all about plastic industrial blow molding.