Plastic For Carrier Bags: Are They Bad For The Environment And Can They Be Recycled?

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Businesses and consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental concerns and are becoming more responsible for the plastic they use and the damage it can cause.

Plastic carrier bags were manufactured in vast quantities and typically only used once then thrown away.  

The question is, how can we stop this from happening and can you recycle plastic bags?

Manufacturing Process Using Plastic for Bags

Would you believe, Oil is used within the manufacturing process of plastic bags to create long-chain polyethylene molecules, using a process of heat and pressure to produce small plastic pellets.

With various heat and pressure combinations, produces different plastic densities. Plastic carrier bags are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Can We Reuse Bags Made From Plastic

One of the main benefits and the reason why we continually use plastic bags is that they are extremely tough, resilient and don’t biodegrade over time, which makes them ideal for use over and over again.

Why Should Plastic Bags Be Recycled 

We mentioned how strong and robust plastic bags are and how they don’t biodegrade, or at least take a very long time to do so. However, this is also a disadvantage as when plastic carrier bags are discarded, it’s challenging to destroy the bags without the detrimental impact on the environment.

However, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material (that we mentioned above) can be recycled.  

The recycling process is typically cleaned, shredded into smaller parts then melted and reformed back into plastic pellets to then made into new plastic bags.

This process doesn’t just apply to plastic carrier bags but also applies to all other plastic bags such as mailing bags, sandwich bags and other plastic made packaging products. 

The difference being with plastic carrier bags, you can reuse them over and over again, whether that’s using them at the local supermarket, or other shopping trips, or carry other items.

To Conclude On Using Plastic For Carrier Bags 

Across the world, there is a continual push to reduce the amount of plastic that we use in society today.  

The supermarkets have taken a big lead to stop the free use-once plastic carrier bag, and replace it with the chargeable bag for life that’s used many times that you keep for life.

With today’s plastic carrier bags, that you can buy from the supermarket, are even more robust and strong, they can be reused for all kinds of purposes, whether that’s in the business environment or at home.

Every time you go shopping, think about the environmental damage that plastic can do and to reuse your plastic carrier bags over and over again.