Message from Gorden Robert, President

We started GC Precision Mould, in 2005 to serve the custom injection Blow Molding parts and custom plastic injection molding parts,

Our Company was formed to provide Engineering, Consulting Services, Manufactured Add-on Components and Sales/Marketing for Blow Molding Equipment. plastic injection molding machines

One of our first customers was Graham Engineering, providing a consulting agreement for Accumulator Head Blow Molding Equipment.

We have increased our customer base to include companies such as:

Blow Molding Machine

Fountainhead Group
United Solutions
Mauser (Russell Stanley)
Pinnacle Plastics
Lifetime Plastics
The Plastics Group
The products we produce are innovative and value added to make your equipment more efficient.

Our upgraded technology makes your systems more productive and add increased capability.

We have over 44 years of experience to bring to the table. This experience and expertise will ensure higher bottom line profit for your company.

Our honesty and commitments to you, our customers will ensure you of 110% effort to do an outstanding performance.

Everyday we strive to increase “The State of the Art” technology of Industrial injectioin Blow Molding. It is our only business and we enjoy doing it.

Please look over the following pages to review our products and services. We have included a Hints/Tips Section which is intended to be changed every week or so. We hope it is meaningful to you for everyday solutions to your challenges.

Proven Technology, Inc. strives to stand for Honesty, Committment and Innovation.

Our Mission Statement:

To Bring Innovative Advances

to the

Industrial Blow Molding Industry, Plastic Mold & Molding Industry