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Hong Kong Plasticity Conference

The 2013 Plasticity conference will be held in Hong Kong in early June, which will focus on the plastic waste problem. The first conference was held on United Nations Sustainable Development Forum in the same term last year. This conference will be held on June 6. It will explore the solution to the problem of […]

PP Injection Molding

Throughout 2008 the domestic PP market, the overall PE with similar, but also from the initial price has experienced a smooth, and then start a slow market, and then prices skyrocketing, and then to the market gradually cooling, the sharp reversal of collapse, and finally to the vulnerable process. PP injection molding the first three […]

Injection blow molding

plastic bottle molding Medicines are the largest production and sales of medical plastic products. With the rapid development of the domestic medical industry, the domestic consumption of medicine bottles will show substantial growth. In this regard, the domestic equipment manufacturers should be as hollow as an opportunity to grasp the development trend of plastic bottles, […]

custom injection molding service

China Plastic Mold Company is a professional custom plastic injection molding service company, offering customers the best plastic injection moulding products. First we will share you some plastic injection molding sort: Use mold-volume business with low cost, easy processing quality control characteristics, particularly applicable to mass production. Die stamping molds and a plastic mold. Stamping Die processing methods can be classified in […]

Blow Molding Parts

We are a world class blow molding parts leader in the design and manufacture of custom blow molds & blow molded parts. Leading the blow molds industry for more than a quarter century, we have set the standard for Design Innovation of blow molds, Precision Blow Molds Manufacturing, and Customer Support. We Design Blow Molds, […]


The rotamoulding process offers more design freedom and flexibility of form than many other moulding techniques. like injection blow molding, Injection Molded Plastic PartsDespite its simplicity and economical tooling, surprisingly complex forms can be achieved that are unobtainable with other processes. The advantages are many and varied Rotamoulding does not involve high pressures, hence the low tooling […]

Increase Your Blow Molding Machine

In the early days of industrial blow molding, the processor had quite a few obstacles to overcome, many of which formed bad habits. Here are a few that come to mind – let’s call these industrial blow molding then: 1. Material and color changeover times ranged from 8 hr to several days depending on the color and […]

Industrial blow molding Machine & Tooling

Industrial blow molding evolved from art to science with the marriage of PC controls and proportional hydraulic valves. Today’s machines are highly efficient and predictable, and can generally be relied on to produce sophisticated parts from the first shot. Newer parts are now being produced with 50-, 75-, and even 100-lb shot sizes. Regardless of […]