Injection blow molding

plastic bottle molding Medicines are the largest production and sales of medical plastic products. With the rapid development of the domestic medical industry, the domestic consumption of medicine bottles will show substantial growth. In this regard, the domestic equipment manufacturers should be as hollow as an opportunity to grasp the development trend of plastic bottles, research and development of new high-performance, high-performance bottle molding equipment, and strive to shorten with the international advanced technology and equipment gaps.

The main molding equipment

Plastic bottle blow molding equipment, according to shape in different ways, mainly divided into three types: extrusion blow molding machine, injection blow molding machine, as well as to “squeeze – la – blow” or “Note – la – blow” molding machine. Extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding machine is mainly used for production of medicinal small plastic bottles, to “squeeze – la – blow” or “Note – la – blow” molding machine is used in the production of large bottles. At present in China, Applied Extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding machine manufacturing enterprises of plastic bottles up to.

Extrusion blow molding machine

Extrusion blow molding machinery (including the blow mold) and a lower cost, such as forming the same product, blow molding machinery, injection molding machines cost about 1 / 3 or 1 / 2. At the same time, production costs are also low. As the parison is at a relatively low pressure through the extrusion die molding and low pressure (mostly 0.2 ~ 1.0MPa) under Inflation, and therefore less residual stress in the product, and the resistance to tensile, impact, bending and the environment high performance for various contingencies, with good use of the performance. As the blow mold cavity block only by composition, so by simply adjusting the nose or the extrusion die exit gap conditions, the body can change the bottle wall thickness. In addition, because blow mold can be set to slide at the end of the module, so the bottom of the bottle-shaped body of a larger design flexibility. Extrusion blow molding the shape can be complex, irregular and the overall style of the product, and therefore more suitable for forming HDPE, PP raw materials for hard plastic bottle.

Injection Blow Molding Machine

Injection blow molding machine mainly used for processing of HDPE, PP raw materials for medicine bottles. Injection blow molding equipment, using a small plastic bottle was generally welcomed by pharmaceutical companies. As the injection blow molding of bottles in the molding process, the device can be injection nozzle bottle of injection molding, thus ensuring the accuracy of bottle; followed by a bottle blow molding machine configured mandrel body, the guarantee of the plastic bottle body shape dimensional accuracy.

Injection blow molding can be used a medicine bottle-step two-station or 3-station injection blow molding machine processing. As the two-station injection blow molding machine the lack of a dedicated off bottles and cooling stations, it is difficult to achieve fully automatic counting packaging, resulting in production efficiency was less than 3-position. Thus, in actual production use more of a three-station machine. The aircraft’s three stations to 120 ° angle into the distribution of an equilateral triangle, the first station for the injection molding station, the second station for the blow molding station, the third station for the off bottles and cooling stations. Three-station can be run simultaneously, producing high efficiency, short cycle can be connected with the conveyor automatic counting packaging, truly the whole process of production of pharmaceutical plastic bottle with the staff of the “no contact” order to ensure product cleanliness. Injection blow molding machine could not be forming the shape of complex products, and the shape of the bottle most of the smaller volume (usually 10 ~ 300ml). However, injection blow molding bottle bottle flatness high sidewall thickness uniformity, in particular, between the bottle and the bottle has good sealing performance can reach to prevent the plastic bottle of medicine and external gases of volatile gases to the bottle penetration performance requirements, which makes this bottle in full compliance with the special requirements of pharmaceutical packaging. State Drug Supervisory Authority as early as in the “Ninth Five Year Plan” period on the proposed use of injection blow molding method of producing high-quality plastic bottles. At present, China imported from abroad medicine bottle injection blow molding production lines up to more than 40, with a total production capacity of about 700 million / year.

“Note – la – blow” molding machine

“Note – la – blowing” PET, PP bottle (for filling liquid medicines) machine is divided into two kinds of one-step and two-step models. One-step model is the parison injection, heating parison, the tensile parison and blow molding processes such as product ejection device in the same row for the efficient equipment. According to molding processes, one-step model is divided into three stations (Aoki of Japan, represented by solid machine) and 4-position (in Japan’s precision machinery as the representative) two kinds of machines. The main difference between the two is: “3-station” refers to the injection with the heated parison parison in a process completed, “4-station” refers to injection with the heated parison parison in the two processes to complete. One-step model does not cause secondary pollution products, and a good product identity. Despite higher prices, but to reach the high cleanliness requirements bottles in recent years, the domestic pharmaceutical companies more inclined to use the one-step “Note – la – blow” bottle molding machine. To this end, some equipment manufacturers in the domestic absorption of foreign advanced technology and intensify the development on the basis of foreign equipment could be replaced by one-step models, and have achieved some results.

Two-step model refers to the injection and stretch blow molding process by an independent two machines separately. The first step: from a common injection molding machine injection molding tube, head tube of the bottle part (bottle, screw) had completed its forming; the second step: The tube on the honeycomb heater or automatic cycle of heating on the heat conveyor thermostat, and then moved to the stretch blowing process using compressed air to blow molding. Than the flat bottle, seal well and fast product development, mold fees and costs, lower prices are “two-step” models of advantages, but due to injection blow molding tube and the step-wise, the product identity is poor, and easy to pass pollution, difficult to check by bacteria.

R & D direction

Plastic bottle forming machine up to other hollow plastic molding equipment, specifications of small, fast, high precision and high efficiency. The main direction of its R & D high-speed, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and adaptive quality control.

All-electric one-step “Note – la – Blow” Blow Molding Machine

The recent development of a high response AC servo motor-driven dosing pumps energy-saving systems, injection molding machine has been successfully applied. Similarly, injection blow molding, “Note – la – blowing” plastic bottle molding equipment of the main system power drive can also be portable such systems. The system pressure and flow through precise closed-loop control of servo motor to achieve the energy requirements of the implementing agencies the best matching and automatic adjustment, so as to achieve energy efficiency, improve performance and reduce environmental pollution multitude of purposes.

All-electric one-step “Note – la – Blow” Blow Molding Machine for its precise location, speed, no vibration, high self-cleaning as well as the advantages of high efficiency, high-performance plastic bottle molding machine into the development of hot. The key to development of aircraft types is to achieve turntable body clamping preform molding, stretch blow molding and injection-locking mechanism simultaneously plasticizing institutions of all-electric drive. All electric molding preforms and stretch blow mold body simultaneously locking mechanism design, refer to the all-electric injection molding machine clamping. For the all-electric injection of plasticized bodies, can be completely copy all-electric injection molding machine plasticizing bodies. It can be said, with the all-electric injection molding machine mature technology, which is developing electric-step “Note – la – Blow” Blow Molding Machine is not very great difficulty.

At present the domestic market all-electric one-step “Note – la – Blow” Blow Molding Machine, with Shanghai Machinery Co., Ltd. Ace must be represented by models developed by ASB-15N/10E. The machine uses closed-loop servo system, than the original hydraulic system greatly improved the stability of control, saving up to 40% and a change of hydraulic transmission fluid oil (hydraulic system valves, piping, etc. prone to leak, the use of age is even worse than the old equipment) on the environment, product contamination.

High-speed, high-quality PET, PP preform injection gasoline-electric composite body

The performance of injection plastics sector is directly related to the quality of preforms. Reciprocating screw injection of common plastics, as before and after the plasticizing quality and inconsistent, leading to inconsistent quality preform; and also because the two can be made between injection and plasticizing the same time, reducing production efficiency. Note the use of composite plastics extrusion injection system (to be plasticized with the injection of two kinds of functions from the conventional one component is divided into two parts, namely, an independent servo motor-driven extruder screw plasticizing and hydraulic plunger independent injection, both of the Inter-Noninterference), then to stabilize the PET, PP melt axial temperature and thus to achieve consistency of quality plastics, but also greatly enhance productivity.

Improve the forming rate and yield

Improve production efficiency is the domestic pharmaceutical packaging container injection blow molding equipment, the key to development. Vinda Jiangsu Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully developed the domestic first-step three-station injection blow molding machine, has in recent years is based on 100 production lines each year the size of rapid development. Use of Ouida’s MSZ60L models, the production 30ml × 12 cavity typical of conventional plastic bottles production cycle of only 10S. Zhangjiagang Green Central degradation of complete sets of equipment Co., Ltd to absorb European NOVVAPAX, BEKUM of the technology, has developed solid particles suitable for the production of medicinal polyolefin bottles of high-performance 3 station injection blow moulding machine, the shortest production cycle up to 8s. Machine dual-link mechanical protection, turntable with the opening and closing movements synchronous operation mode, greatly shorten the cycle; use of plasticizing screw extruder, screw aspect ratio increased to meet the transparent PP, PE, PS, PC and other hollow products process needs; preform temperature uniformity, product unparalleled line; with a single beam clamping structure, convenient and quick replacement of mold; machines simple shape is conducive to purification, in line with GNP specifications. Panan triple Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd. for the production of generic pharmaceutical plastic bottles technical problems, has created a unique high-pressure gas thermostat technology. The technology uses electromagnetic speed control system to replace the inverter system, reducing the machine size, reduced power consumption, and improved use of equipment performance and product quality.

Development of high-performance mold

Although in recent years, many domestic enterprises in the “Note – la – blowing” equipment to spend more energy and money, so that equipment has been reach or approach international advanced level, but because of neglect and efficient accompanying “Note – la – blowing” mold development, and therefore can not play its due role in equipment. This is a bottleneck restricting development of the industry. For relevant domestic enterprises, in order to develop a high level of “Note – la – Blow,” Die, you must use an advanced computer-aided engineering (CAE) technology to the “Note – la – blowing” process simulation, which avoided by experience, trial and error and by way of amending the blindness brought about the end, the mold material, mold cavity ratio of the different blowing Zhang, hot runner nozzle structural design, as well as temperature control, etc. have access to the most optimal results. Multi-layer co-extruded hollow plastic bottle molding machine

Multi-layer composite bottle has to avoid the light transmission and to prevent the infiltration of gases such as C02 performance, to meet certain require special storage conditions required for bio-engineering drugs, has become a major pharmaceutical packaging market, one of the products. For example, the 3-layer co-extruded plastic bottles (the most outer layer of the PA material, the middle layer of PET material, the inner layer of PC material), with good transparency and tightness can be isolated from moisture and oxygen, not only for routine blood products, such as human serum albumin and protein, collagen fibers and other products directly to packaging, but also can be used as a variety of bio-engineering drugs, such as interferon, monoclonal antibody drugs, a variety of packaging materials.

Multi-layer co-extrusion Blow molding machine bottle blow molding machine and other than the greatly increased complexity, especially in the nose design. Current research and development for the aircraft types, the main focus on the following three points: (1) to study the use of a certain range of co-extrusion head to meet the needs of different materials, different layers, and head diameter and other requirements. The nose is a multi-layer co-extruded hollow plastic molding machines of the “heart”, its performance should reach: control at every level to achieve the best condition to achieve the perfect circle and lateral material distribution; can not influence the distribution of the processed material change a wide range of plastic raw materials. Spiral mandrel composite systems are highly adaptable, multi-layer co-extruded nose should be the priority to the use of the system. (2) research portfolio of packaging systems, which can be customized according to different materials which might allow the number of combinations of nose. (3) research-based mechanical procedures in order to determine the number of molding stations, the production speed and size of product design platform.


Medicine bottles are the largest production and sales of medical plastic products, but also a rapid growth of large medical plastic products. The product is inseparable from the production of high-performance, high-performance hollow molding equipment (including mold). As the domestic Blow Molding Equipment, compared with foreign equipment, there is not a small gap, therefore, the domestic hollow plastic molding equipment manufacturers can only grasp the development trend of the bottle, research and development of new plastic bottle molding equipment, in order to gradually narrow the gap with foreign manufacturers , and in the market with rival.

Technical blow molding

Welcome to our blow molding blog post.  We hope to chat about Industrial/Technical blow molding here. We would like to post actively on this blog and promise to answer any of your questions if possible.  If we cannot answer a question, then we will try to find the answer.

We look forward to bringing items of interest to the Industrial Blow Molding Market.

SPE Blow Molding Div Annual Conference ABC-2008

I just returned from the 24th SPE Blow Molding Division’s Technical Conference.  This was located at Chevron Phillips in Bartlesville, OK.  This was an excellent conference with several interesting and well presented talks.  This conference was split evenly between the packaging and the Industrial area. 

The actual attendance was fairly light with about 60 paid attendees.  The technical facility is well equipped with 6 blow molding machines being demonstrated during the Plant tour. This was a must not miss occasion that many of you did miss.  Please contact the SPE BLOW MOLDING WEB SITE for additional information.

The Blow Molding Division did a great job in putting on this Conference.  There was plenty to learn. Based upon the background of the Board of Directors, Speakers and Exhibiters, this was the place to learn and get your questions readily answered.

Hundreds of years of hands-on experience were present to help you.

The Chevron Phillips Technical Center is a very well equipped facility.  They can do just about every major type of processing as well as testing of the products being made on the equipment. 

This of course includes the evaluation of the basic material used with all types of testing means.  The technical staff is well trained and very friendly.  Next time you are there, just ask them and be pleased with the results.

Industrial Blow Molding History

I have been in the Industrial Blow Molding Market for over 45 years. Most of this time has been in the machinery portion of the industry.

Every 10 years or so, there were tough times for one reason or another. Take a look at this cycle below:


Material/Gasoline shortages and claimed storage offshore on large ships drive up material cost.

Uniloy built molds for very lightweight bottles (milk) to survive.


New Machine Sales stopped. You could not even sell used machinery.


Again Machine Sales stopped.

However, more new machines were sold in 1995 than any other years since the early 1960’s.


There was almost a whole decade of the worst period ever and nearly 10 years in the making. The typical total USA market ranged from a low of 50 machines to a maximum of 150 machines a year. There were some used machines sold during this period.

Now the industry is fortunate to sell 10 new machines a year. There are a lot of used machines sold between 20 to 35 machines a year during this long period.


What about the producers of Industrial Blow Molding parts? Just what are they doing?

Please see the following chart as researched and produced by Plastics News every November since 1994. My record keeping starts at year 1996.


You quickly see an increase in sales volume for every year including 2008. The respondents go from a high of 194 in 1999 to a low of 148 in 2008.

There have been a number of consolidations and some bankruptcies. The Industrial market ranges from a low of 18.7% in 1996 to a high of 29.9 in 2000 for the sales numbers shown on the charts.

These numbers do not include several large Captive Blow Molding Corporations. In most years, the same companies did not respond to this report.

We all know about the financial bliss bailout of the Big 3 Automotive USA car makers. If you look at the Plastics News List, you will see that there is a strong reliance upon the automotive market by USA producers. Of course, some of these companies also provide goods to the Japanese Automotive Companies doing business in the USA.

Look at these stats for companies doing work for the American Auto Parts Producers. Some of these companies only do automotive parts work. Other plants do various types of custom blow molding.

2Top 10
5Top 25
14Top 50
25Top 80
30+Top 100

This is a total of 30% + of the top 100 companies that do work for the automotive builders in the USA.

If the Big 3 goes down where does this leave these companies? What is next for these plants?

I have listened to several options. Several blow molding companies have folded in the last 2 years. What about the machinery builders? Can they survive this mess?

Maybe Julie Brown of Plastech fame did get the last laugh at the BIG 3 PLUS with her bankrupted company.

Yes, I do remember when the USA Machinery Companies did not have any real available money. They still developed innovative machines and their customers were willing to take a chance to get a couple of years lead over their competitors.

They not only took the chance but actually were willing to fine tune the process and equipment.

Many of these small companies were very successful and the owners became millionaires and retired.

Those customers also demanded a machine that would be up to date for their current needs and options.

A couple of years ago, I visited a Chinese machine producer. The machine they were producing could not meet the needs of the USA processor and their specifications.

Even though the Chinese machine were inexpensive there were many missing basic items.

I made up a list of items about 4 or 5 pages long. This list was what the processor wanted/expected on the equipment when it arrived in his USA plant.

The Chinese machines did not have these items or components. I am sure that this would require much more costs to supply the Chinese machine as desired.

Perhaps, I have been in this business too long. However, I still have dreams that the USA can be very innovative and there are many opportunities to grow this business. There has not been any real development in techniques in a while.

The current design of PC controls leads the machine developments in the right direction. It is easy to understand and functions very efficiently.

Today’s machines are producing at a higher level of production. The parts and cycles are definitely more consistent. Older machines will not produce on the levels of today’s machines.

There are also energy savings to achieve every hour of production. The result is more money on the bottom line for the blow molder. Just ask and these savings can be justified.

Changeover times such as material and color changes can now be consistently done in the matter of one hour or less as compared to 8 hours or longer. This is money saved with more up time to raise the production yield level.

Modems back to the machinery builder’s plant assures more up time as the machine can be troubleshot in many cases without visiting the processors plant. This does work.

New machine payback is very rapid when yields and efficiencies are high. When did you last check how much it costs you to run your old machine? You will be surprised with the numbers.

Also, the machines are more flexible on the various types of parts, colors and materials that can be run on them.

Any thoughts? Look forward to hearing your comments. Just respond below.