custom injection molding service

China Plastic Mold Company is a professional custom plastic injection molding service company, offering customers the best plastic injection moulding products.

First we will share you some plastic injection molding sort:

Use mold-volume business with low cost, easy processing quality control characteristics, particularly applicable to mass production. 
Die stamping molds and a plastic mold. Stamping Die processing methods can be classified in accordance with, can be divided into blanking die punching, bending die, die tensile, shear Die, Die flanging, such as plastic mold. Generally used as steel and other metal materials processing.
plastics Processing die by the type of plastic can be divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic mold two categories. 
Thermoplastic is used in the plastic injection mold. 
Heat Solid Mold : 
Die by the press on a fixed mode can be divided into : 
1. Mobile Die: the machine is not fixed, mold filling, open mode, and plastic products removed from the mold, both in the machine outside. This mold structure, creating simple, low efficiency, high labor intensity, apply only to small pieces of the Batch processing.
2. Fixed Die: fixed on the machine, throughout the process, loading, or mold, shape, open mode and the introduction of plastic products, etc. on the machine.Easy-to-use, low labor intensity, high efficiency, mold structure more complex, mainly for mass production. 
According to plastics molding method Categories : 
1. Pressure mold: plastic installed in the heated indoor cavity or feeding, then pressurized. Suppress directly on the plastic cavity pressure. Such Mold Filling Room in the general cavity is one.
2. Transmission mode: Filling in plastic indoor heated become viscous flow state, the plunger under pressure to make cladding material after injection system into full closure of the cavity. 

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