PP Injection Molding

Throughout 2008 the domestic PP market, the overall PE with similar, but also from the initial price has experienced a smooth, and then start a slow market, and then prices skyrocketing, and then to the market gradually cooling, the sharp reversal of collapse, and finally to the vulnerable process. PP injection molding the first three months of the market has been in the doldrums of the state, approaching the price of pellet powder, the market turnover is very bleak. To the market to start in mid-April, the upstream crude oil prices continue to climb, propylene ferocious price rise, because the cost pressures, petrochemical manufacturers continue to push up prices, market speculation traders warm gradually rising to the May and June were the market price of PP have been had risen to an unprecedented high level, but the market did not fully follow up the High prices, the reaction to the market turnover has not unprecedented amplification, so this wave of market can only go so far, prices in mid to late July has begun, vibration downlink and continued until September; until October, the international financial crisis to the global impact has unlimited zoom, crude oil dropped sharply, the domestic PP market could not escape a fall unprecedented shrinkage of market demand, petrochemical factory inventories high, prices have diving, exacerbated traders panic mentality, PP injection molding market prices plummeted, until the late November only to stabilize the price bottomed, but the rebound is not the strength to the market is still low in mid-December concussion . Center for China’s chemical market analyst network that: In view of the current form of the domestic economic downturn and lower reaches of real estate, automobiles and household appliances, such as frozen products industry are still in the period 2009 PP cannot be optimistic about the market, or to vulnerable main concussion