Technical blow molding

Welcome to our blow molding blog post.  We hope to chat about Industrial/Technical blow molding here. We would like to post actively on this blog and promise to answer any of your questions if possible.  If we cannot answer a question, then we will try to find the answer.

We look forward to bringing items of interest to the Industrial Blow Molding Market.

SPE Blow Molding Div Annual Conference ABC-2008

I just returned from the 24th SPE Blow Molding Division’s Technical Conference.  This was located at Chevron Phillips in Bartlesville, OK.  This was an excellent conference with several interesting and well presented talks.  This conference was split evenly between the packaging and the Industrial area. 

The actual attendance was fairly light with about 60 paid attendees.  The technical facility is well equipped with 6 blow molding machines being demonstrated during the Plant tour. This was a must not miss occasion that many of you did miss.  Please contact the SPE BLOW MOLDING WEB SITE for additional information.

The Blow Molding Division did a great job in putting on this Conference.  There was plenty to learn. Based upon the background of the Board of Directors, Speakers and Exhibiters, this was the place to learn and get your questions readily answered.

Hundreds of years of hands-on experience were present to help you.

The Chevron Phillips Technical Center is a very well equipped facility.  They can do just about every major type of processing as well as testing of the products being made on the equipment. 

This of course includes the evaluation of the basic material used with all types of testing means.  The technical staff is well trained and very friendly.  Next time you are there, just ask them and be pleased with the results.